Pre printing service

Controlling and correcting the colour ...


With thirty years of experience in the pre-printing business, our services still remaining are:

Controlling and correcting of colours on the monitor for the passage from RGB to CMYK and most of all, the professional experience of our colour experts for the resolution of these delicate phases.

Photo editing and layout.
We can handle files made with every kind of layout-software (Freehand, In Design, Quark Xpress, Page Maker etc.) and we can find solution for eventual problems so these files can be prepared for printing.

The checking of the exit colour, which enables verification of colour profiles to arrange the final printing proof, guarantee of a positive closing of the working circle.

Certified printing proof.
We provide certified colour proofs that our clients can get approved so they have a guarantee that their prints will be printed exactly the way they are intended.


Fundamental requirements for the certified prints Dardanelli:
- Printer Epson 4880/7880
- ORIS (Software for checking of colours)
- Certified paper
- ISO coated V2 – Fogra 39 parameters
- Certification FOGRA 39 - ISO COATED V2