We have a wide range of fabrics available, from the most easy to print and handle, to highly technological ones. Do ask us for materials we have not listed here, we are very happy to run some tests on other materials to see how they can hold the printing ink and behave.

Several fabrics are polyester, an organic material. Polyester has many excellent qualities. It is tough, resilient, highly resistant to wear and can be folded and unfolded without problems. 

We also print on cotton, a natural material. 

All fabrics can be stitched together. 

Rete per concerti da stampare

Weight: 135 gr/sqm.
Reels of 320 cm.
Tulle cotton mesh, fireproof

Flag da stampare grande formato

Weight 110 gr/sqm.
Reels of 310 cm and 500 cm.
Fireproof fabric, light and transparent.

Dimensions of the spool 3.10m by 50m or 5.00m per 50m
Weight: 300g/sqm.
Fabric 100% fireproof polyester

Weight: 280 gr/sqm.
Reels of 500 cm.
Fireproof fabric in polyester with a black back. Also called 'blackout fabric'

Measure spools:  3.10 m e 5 metri (length 50 m).
Weight: 200 gr/sqm.
Polyester fabric, fireproof

Canvas bianco da stampare

Weight: 285 gr/sqm.
Reels of 3.20 m and 5.00 m.
Fireproof fabric in polyester with white back.

Cotone grande formato da stampare

Weight 200 gr/sqm.
Reels of 3.00 m or 5.00 m.
Fireproof cotton fabric.

Weight 80 gr/sqm.
Reels of 310 cm and 500 cm.
Fireproof fabric, very light and transparent