PVC is a polyester fabric surfaced with PVC. It is also called a polyester/PVC fabric.

PVC is a plastic that is widely used all over the world. PVC is made from two natural resources: salt (57%) and oil (43%).

PVC is a material can can be recycled and in Italy it is recycled actively. PVC is ideal to use outside.
PVC van be joined by welding and Dardanelli has an excellent welding machine.

PVC blockout con stampa personalizzata

Weight: 600 gr/mq.
Measure of the spool: 320 cm.
PVC Blockout, fireproof

Weight: 520 gr.
Format of the reels:  320 cm and 500 cm.
PVC banner, fireproof

Rete dove passa il vento per ristrutturazioni

Weight: 300 gr/mq
Reels of: 320 cm and 500 cm.
Mesh, fireproof