For assembly it is advisable to create a frame of pipes detached from the scaffolding of about 15 / 20cm, in this way the sheet will be detached from the scaffolding, the sides of the sheet will turn behind this frame, anchoring with some elastic hooks to the underlying scaffold.

In this way, the fabric will always be perfectly tense, because it will unload its weight uniformly on the tubes that frame it and the elastic hooks will recover the thermal expansion of the fabric, with greater strength due to the fact that the eyelets are much less loaded.

The aesthetic effect is excellent, because you cannot see the eyelets that remain behind and the final result is a perfect "packing" of the scaffolding).

In this photo below you can see the structure of pipes detached from the scaffolding that frames the frame quite well on the bottom left.

We also see that at the point where a sheet ends there are two vertical tubes parallel to each other, the closer they are and the greater the continuity of the print.

tubi staccati per fissare rete palazzi


Below you can clearly see the anchoring and transparency of the mesh:

  ancoraggio rete con tubi esterni


The internal pole is that of the scaffolding. On the image below we have indicated two scaffolding poles, but often there is only one pole.



This is an example of the result of this type of mounting:


Rete impalcatura fissato bene