Instructions to attach the mesh to the scaffolding

The mesh used is a micro-perforated PVC consisting of a PVC-coated polyester net, with square holes that make it suitable for medium and high intensity air flows (Air permeability of 2052 mm / sec - ISO 9237-1995) fireproof certificate B1.

Printing is with UV ink, original Fuji or Durst, that guarantee excellent durability and excellent color rendering.

We recommend carrying out the work with mesh sheets that do not exceed 400mq each. This is to facilitate assembly, in this way each sheet does not exceed 120 kg. It is supplied folded like an "accordion", therefore usually placed on the left side. (looking at the facade) you bring the whole side up and anchored to the top corner you proceed to stretch it anchoring it as it unrolls.

Below is an example of what is meant by "accordion" folding:

Esempio di piagare la rete in modo fisarmonico


Example of elastics and hooks that are usually used:

elastici ganci fissare rete elastici e ganci per fissare telo palazzi