Rigid materials

The rigid materials we can print and shape or cut for you. 

Printing on forex panelsForex is the name for board or panels in PVC that can be printed. The most common forex panels are white.

The surface of the Forex is smooth.

One can find there Forex boards in many thicknesses, the most common ones are 3 and 5 mm.

Printing on aluminium panelsThe aluminium panels used for printing is Dibond. This is a rigid panel existing on two sheets of aluminium with inside a core of black polyethylene. 

The aluminium panels are resistant against UV, they are rigid and resist all types of weather and corosion.

We can print on the aluminium Dibond panels.

The use of this material is widespread, from internal to external, from signage to displays.

Printing on plexiglassPlexiglass is a transparent material, like glass, but a lot more resistant to breaking.

We can print plexiglass in many ways and cut and form plexiglass panels of all thicknesses (up to 3 cm / 30 mm).

One can print on plexiglass using a white base or leaving it transparent apart from the printed area.