Our personnel is highly qualified and is constantly updated attending printing and colour profile courses. They know the various printers and other machines in and out and understand the softwares very well, getting the most out of client's files and the settings of the machines.

Furthermore we are able to provide such high quality prints also because of the technology we use, we have printers of high quality and always keep them new and according to the highest standards in the industry. 

Our 5 metre printers

We have two 5-meter printers (very wide format) for flexible materials. A Durst and an Uvistar.

Our machines for rigid materials

In 2017 two more machines arrived. One is for printing on rigid materials and the other is a CNC machine that can cut and shape these boards of many different kinds of materials.

The finishing

We have two grommet presses a calender and a welding machine.


We are always looking out for the latest technologies with which we can extend our printing workshop so we can print even faster and with a higher precision, something very few in this sector have on offer.