We can print on flexible materials (printing width is maximum 5 meters, but joining the prints we can cover any size possible) and on rigid materials. We also offer cutting services and shaping of the rigid materials.

The rigid materials we can print and shape or cut for you. 

Printing on forex panelsForex is the name for board or panels in PVC that can be printed. The most common forex panels are white.

The surface of the Forex is smooth.

One can find there Forex boards in many thicknesses, the most common ones are 3 and 5 mm.

Printing on aluminium panelsThe aluminium panels used for printing is Dibond. This is a rigid panel existing on two sheets of aluminium with inside a core of black polyethylene. 

The aluminium panels are resistant against UV, they are rigid and resist all types of weather and corosion.

We can print on the aluminium Dibond panels.

The use of this material is widespread, from internal to external, from signage to displays.

Printing on plexiglassPlexiglass is a transparent material, like glass, but a lot more resistant to breaking.

We can print plexiglass in many ways and cut and form plexiglass panels of all thicknesses (up to 3 cm / 30 mm).

One can print on plexiglass using a white base or leaving it transparent apart from the printed area.

The flexible materials we can print in large format.

PVC is a polyester fabric surfaced with PVC. It is also called a polyester/PVC fabric.

PVC is a plastic that is widely used all over the world. PVC is made from two natural resources: salt (57%) and oil (43%).

PVC is a material can can be recycled and in Italy it is recycled actively. PVC is ideal to use outside.
PVC van be joined by welding and Dardanelli has an excellent welding machine.

We have a wide range of fabrics available, from the most easy to print and handle, to highly technological ones. Do ask us for materials we have not listed here, we are very happy to run some tests on other materials to see how they can hold the printing ink and behave.

Several fabrics are polyester, an organic material. Polyester has many excellent qualities. It is tough, resilient, highly resistant to wear and can be folded and unfolded without problems. 

We also print on cotton, a natural material. 

All fabrics can be stitched together. 

Descor is a new material, very beautiful and it shrinks when heat is applied, so it can become very smooth to cover many surfaces and even ceilings. Professional handling is a must to get the most out of printed Descor.

Descor is used to cover walls and ceilings. It is made of a polyester mesh coated with a special poliurethane cover. A suspended ceiling made from Descor is kept under tension using a special contour. The composition and quality of the Descor material make this application in suspended ceiling possible. It is also possible to cover surfaces above 5 meters using a double fixing.

We are expanding our range of adhesive materials we can print on, because there is rising demand for printed adhesives.

In general it is better to choose a more durable adhesive (polymeric) because it lasts longer and the quality is better in all aspects.

We have adhesives that are especially designed to be used on windows and other glass surfaces. Right now we have Crystal Glass but we are working to add others.

Wallpaper was a world apart and slowly slowly it is again becoming popular, but this time around ... personalised.