News from Dardanelli, about new products, new materials, new machines and printers or CNC machines and other things we think is worthwhile sharing.

We have created a guide with photos where we explain in detail how to fix the printed mesh on the scaffolding:

General instructions to attach the mesh to the scaffolding

There are several articles that explain the possible solutions, with a detached frame or directly on the scaffolding.

This autumn we have been printing a big mesh to cover scaffolding on a building in Milan.

Andrea Cherchi made a short video of this work and put it on Facebook.

We are closed from 12 to 16 August 2019, the week of Ferragosto.

The building sector is fortunately growing slightly, after many years of slack. Dardanelli print various types of pvc mesh for scaffolding, to cover buildings that are being worked on.

We have various types of mesh and can produce scaffolding mesh in any size requested, but we always advise not to make the surface too big because it is a problem handling due to weight and measurements.

Some examples:


We are open all working days during this festive season

Buone feste.

Buone feste dalla Dardanelli

IMAS Grafica organised a base course about printing materials. We participated. The course gave mostly new information about adhesive materials and wall stickers. It was an interesting course that has served us to be up to date and know the latest materials that have become available. It has also served us to be able to give better advice to our clients when they look for certain materials to solve a specific problem.

We thank IMAS for the course!

Corso materiali da stampa


We, Dardanelli, are based in Calenzano, an industrial area very close to Florence.

Every week we travel several times, if not every day, to deliver our printed rolls and panels, to Bologna, Modena, Rimini and other areas of Emilia Romagna. We also send a lot of big printed materials via courier services throughout the whole of Italy.

We often get asked whether we can serve clients further away in Italy and our reply is: YES. We have satisfied clients throughout the penisola and are really proud of this.

We are closed for holidays from 11 to 19 August 2018. We re-open on Monday the 19th of August.

Happy holidays!

Our production and graphics staff plays football every week (5 against 5). The idea was born to organise the Darda Cup one evening and all have dinner together.

The purple team has won.

A fun and very sporty evening!

In a few days we will start producing on this new 5 meter printer. Our HP has done many years of excellent service, but in the mean time, technology has evolved ... and with this Durst 5 meter printer we have a very powerful new machine.

On the picture you can see the Durst on the left. It is huge. On the right you can see our Fuji 5 meter printer.